Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews and Recalls (2019 Update)

taste of the wild cat food reviews

Every cat owner wants to have a healthy, active flurry cat. Proper nutrition goes a long way in achieving this, so it is essential to take time choosing the ideal diet for your feline friend.

When search for the best cat diet for our cat, there are some factors that you should consider. These factors include lifestyle, sensitivities, age, etc. Before settling on a brand, make sure it is high quality and prepared using premium ingredients that your cat will love.

Taste of the wild cat food not only gives your cat the essential sources of nutrients like protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins but also provides your cat with a taste of the wild that it craves.

Your domestic cat’s DNA is not entirely different from the ones of their ancestors, and therefore this diet provides a how-life-was-in the-wilderness kind of feeling. It contains essential nutrients and a savory flavor that your cat will love.

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Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain (Dry)

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain (Canned)

Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-free (Dry)

Taste of the wild Canyon River (Canned)

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Recalls.

In 2012, Taste of the wild was part of the Diamond pet food recall. This was a voluntary recall due to potential contamination of its products from salmonella.

Top 4 recommendations for the best taste of the wild cat food

1. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain dry cat food

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Dry Cat Food

Rocky Mountain is a nutrient-rich grain-free and highly digestible meal. Made with roasted venison and smoked salmon, Taurine (essential amino acid for cats to maintain healthy heart and eyes), omega fatty acid blend to help keep a healthy skin and shiny coat. It is a high-protein diet for cats.

With chicken as its main ingredient, this diet designed to mimic an ancestral diet free of grains yet packed with real meat as nature intended. Its ingredients are obtained from trusted and sustainable sources around the world. It does not contain grain, corn, wheat, filler or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

It is made up of 1.9% calcium, 1.2% phosphorous, 42% minimum crude protein, 18% minimum fat.

It has a calorie content of 3745 kcal per kg (350 kcal/cup) calculated metabolizable energy.

This product has vegetables and fruits which provide antioxidants to help in your cat's overall health. It is prepared to meet the nutritional levels provided by AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages from kitten to senior cat.

It is available in 5lb and 15lb sizes.

2. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain canned cat food

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Canned Cat Food

This product is a delicious taste of the wild meal blend of chicken and venison. It is protein-rich to give your cat lean muscles to support her active nature.

Coupled with nutritious grain-free carbs like peas, carrots, blueberries and sweet potatoes, it gives your cat the much-needed energy to lead a healthy life. It also contains vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables which provide natural antioxidants.

Other ingredients include fish and chicken broth, white ocean fish, dried egg whitefish, potato starch, smoked salmon, etc. that make this diet delicious and nutritious for cats.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein 8%, minimum; Crude fat 3%, minimum; Crude fibre 1.5%, maximum; and Moisture 82%, maximum.

Calorie content: 957kcal/kg, 81kcal/can (3.0oz), 149kcal/can (5.5oz) calculated metabolizable energy.

It works as a kibble topper for finicky cats as well as a complete meal.

3. Taste of the wild canyon river grain-free dry cat food

Taste of the wild canyon river grain-free dry cat food

This product is grain free formula, and it is prepared with trout and smoked salmon that makes this diet delicious. It is easy to digest and ideal for cats with allergies and sensitivities.

It contains peas and sweet potatoes which provide highly digestible energy for active cats and meets all the cat’s nutritional needs.

It is also supplemented with fruits and vegetables like blueberries and raspberries to provide antioxidants which support the cat’s immune system and overall health.

Amino acids are also incorporated to improve the absorption of essential minerals hence ensuring complete and balanced nutrition.

Prebiotics from dried chicory root and proprietary and viable probiotic blend provide beneficial bacteria for digestive support.

Guaranteed Analysis: 32% minimum protein; 1.65% minimum fat; 1.6% calcium as-fed; 1.10% phosphorus as- fed.

It has caloric content of 3741kcal/kg (350kcal/cup) calculated metabolizable energy. This meal is suitable for all life stages.

It is available in 5lb and 15lb bags.

4. Taste of the wild canyon river canned cat food

Taste of the wild canyon river canned cat food

This diet can serve as a complement to the canyon river feline dry formula or a stand-alone meal. It contains trout and salmon which offers a great taste and quality fish protein.

It is also contains fruits and vegetables to provide natural antioxidants which help maintain a healthy lifestyle for your feline friend.

This meal is 8.0% minimum crude protein, 3.0% minimum crude fat, 1.5% maximum crude fiber and 82% maximum moisture.

Its calorie content is 933kcal/kg, 79kcal/can (3oz.)

(ME calculated) 933kcal/kg, 145kcal/can (5.5 oz.)

When feeding your cat with canyon river canned cat food, follow these guidelines:

  •  Measure the food quantity based on the age, size and the activity level of your cat.
  • Feed at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion
  • Keep fresh water available all the time.
  • Feed up to twice the adult amount to kittens.

This product is formulated to meet the nutritional levels set by AAFCO cat food nutrition profiles.


Ultimately, your cat has to love the food you buy them (almost as much as Garfield loves lasagna). Otherwise, nobody is going to eat it. Involving them in the buying decision will go a long way in ensuring that your cat is well nourished and you don’t end up spending a lot of money on cat food that will end up in your garbage bins.

Take time studying your cat’s eating patterns.Find out if they prefer dry or canned food. It is also important to take in to consideration your cat’s allergies as well as its ancestral roots.

Reviewing different brands of cat food is essential. It will enable you to select the best product for your cat based on its quality, the ingredients ( cat foods should not have a lot of plant proteins since cats are naturally carnivorous), size as well as a product that suits your budget.

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  • About three weeks ago I bought a new large green bag of Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain hard cat food.Very soon both adult cats vomited it up. I waited a while, served it again. One kept it down but the one with allergies lost it again. I opened a can of the same and added a bit of water, they kept it down. Later I added a bit of the hard when serving the canned – the allergy cat upchucked it. I then bought a new small bag of the green T/W, Rocky Mt,and both cats kept a tiny bit of it down. When given larger quantities the allergy cat lost it again. For a few days I added a very small amount of the newest bag of kibble to a small amount of canned and both kept it down. Today I added a bit more of the hard kibble into less canned – and both upchucked it again! Both cats are drinking, active, carrying on as normal – just can’t keep T/W from either bag consistently down. They have eaten this for about 5 years, only hard usually. They aren’t ‘sick’ just not tolerating the hard. Canned is sitting okay but I’m only doing very small more frequent amounts. Has there been any changes in the recent T/W, Rocky Mt hard kibble? Thank you, Jan Coleman