The First Cat Train Opened in Japan

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Cats are friendly creatures, but sometimes, we fail to appreciate their worth in our homes.Best cat exercises

With thousands and hundreds of thousands of stray cats on the street, we ought to think how to make their lives bearable.

Japan is a city of firsts. Just recently, the Yoro Railway Co Ltd and Group Care Sanctuary, a non-governmental organization, hosted the first ever cat train in the City of Ogaki, Japan.

The event was organized to raise awareness of the problem of stray cats in Japan. With 30 mogs on board the maiden cat train, passengers were allowed to sit, play and cuddle the cats, before dropping by for lunch.

(Japan’s first cat cafe| Video- The Star Online)

With the efforts of cat organizations like Group Care Sanctuary, the number of stray cats admitted to Japan animal shelters has fallen by 70% since 2016.

In 2016, only 72, 624 cats were admitted to animal shelters. This is compared to the 3.2 million cats that are admitted to animal shelters in the United States. Too many! Right?

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Hopefully, we can borrow a leaf from the Japanese people and reduce the number of stray cats. Also, how we relate to our cats determines how our cats view us. If you are violent to them, most likely, they will dash to the streets for safety. It is time to treat them right and reduce the number of abandoned cats.



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