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5 Best Cat Harness No Escape (escape proof cat harness)

Cats can be mischievous sometimes. At one point you are with her, and the next minute she has disappeared. And unless you are well-versed with the bush and flexible enough to run after your little baby, you will need the best cat harness no escape to keep your cat safe.What is the advantage of a […]

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  • April 8, 2018

Best Flea Treatment for Cats (that Kills Fleas) 2018

Cats easily get irritated by external parasites like fleas, and this may result in skin allergies and a lot of scratching (due to the irritation). While getting the flea treatment for cats is the best solution, there are certain things you should get acquainted with before deciding what works for you cat.There are different external […]

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  • Updated April 5, 2018

5 Best Water Fountain for Cats (that Cats Love) 2018

Running water is likely to be fresher than stagnant water so it could be more appealing to a wildcat. Cats have not changed that much over all those years, so chances that your domestic cat prefers flowing water are high. Water is an essential part of a cat’s nutrition, so you need to ensure that […]

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  • Updated March 24, 2018

9 Best Kitten Food (for proper growth) 2018

Kittens are like babies- they have very sensitive stomachs.Give them poor quality diets, and you will be visiting the vet almost daily. Even worse, you pose a risk to the little kitten’s health.Give them the best kitten food, and you will see a happy, healthy kitty. Plus, you will drastically reduce the number of visits […]

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  • Updated March 28, 2018

5 Best High Fiber Cat Food 2018

Ask every cat owner what the ideal diet for a cat is, and you will get responses like “high animal proteins, moderate carbs, and fat content. Not many of them recognize high fiber cat food as part of a proper cat feeding program that they should follow.As obligate carnivores, cats generally have a high need for […]

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  • Updated March 29, 2018