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5 Best Cat Harness No Escape (escape proof cat harness)

Cats can be mischievous sometimes. At one point you are with her, and the next minute she has disappeared. And unless you are well-versed with the bush and flexible enough to run after your little baby, you will need the best cat harness no escape to keep your cat safe.What is the advantage of a […]

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What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter in 2018 (Dust-Free)

Every day, both cats and their human parents suffer from frustrating allergies resulting from cat litter. The immediate symptoms of such allergies include sneezing, wheezing or vomiting, as a way of getting rid of the allergens. Since there are cat litter brands that cause allergic reactions to both humans and cats, you should make some […]

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5 Best Litter Box for Large Cats- Top Picks

When choosing the best litter box for your large cat, the first thing that should pop in your mind is that big cats need big litter boxes. A big cat needs more space to turn around, stand up, enter and exit the litter box without touching walls and ceilings. The best litter box for large […]

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11 Best Flushable Cat Litter Reviews (& When NOT to Use it) 2018

Disposing of litter has become a big headache! Dozens of lorries of wastes, but no empty landfills. Everybody is tired to taking every bit of waste to the landfill. After all, we want a green-environment. Or, who doesn’t want to breath fresh air?​The journey towards a green-environment starts with how you dispose of used cat litter. […]

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  • Updated November 5, 2018
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