Feed cats using clean bowls

Although cats are self-sufficient, you should always make sure they drink enough water to keep their organs active. Most cats do not drink enough water, and this is likely to cause health complications, forcing you to make frequent visits to your vet.

Symptoms of dehydration in cats include constipation, dry mouth, sunken eyes, poor capillary refill time, increased heart rate and lethargy. If you notice these symptoms in your feline, you should take immediate action before it is too late.

Getting your cat to drink more water takes some trials and errors, but once you discover what you cat likes, you will have no problem encouraging your feline to drink up. Here are tips that you can use to make your cat drink enough water:

1Place water bowls in several locations in the house

Make it easy for the cat to drink water by putting water bowls in several strategic locations in the house. Cats have preferred locations, and if you find the right spot, you will not have to get worried.

For cats that love drinking on your water glasses, you can leave several water glasses around the house. If the cat drinks from a particular glass more than others, make sure to refill the glass often and don’t change its location too much.

Also, don’t put the glasses or water bowls near the litter, because a cat will not drink up near its poo.




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