Cat vomiting: cats eating grass

People who pet a cat at their home might sometimes see their cat munching a few blades of grass. It looks weird, isn’t it? Even though cats are classified as carnivore but why do cats eat grass? You should not think that your cat is weird because there are some reasonable answers to that question.

The statistics of a study revealed that about 80% of cats eat grass. The habit is not common to cats only, but grass-eating is common to all cat’s family including lion and dogs. Although this behavior is not well-proved, it is considered normal for cats as they do it instinctively.


1Relieve Intestinal Distress

Have you ever seen a cat’s reaction after eating grass? In most cases, the cat will throw up. Cats vomit because they do not have certain enzymes to digest the vegetable substances in their meals like herbivores. Therefore, cat vomiting helps to relieve the intestinal distress caused by the foreign food substances.

When cats feed on their prey, they eat the whole parts including edible and inedible parts such as bones, feathers, or fur. Their digestion process only digests the meat, but the leftovers remain in the stomach. All of those things in the stomach will irritate their digestive tract. Vomiting will let their stomach remove all those things that can cause lasting illness if not thrown up.



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