Cat vomiting causes and remedies

You just come home from work, and you notice something smelling baaaaad! You are not sure what that might be, but you see a pool of muck just across the door. Yuck! Smells even worse, its cat’s puke! Could be a yellowish, brownish or whitish thick substance. Has this happened to you at one point? Cat vomiting sometimes scare cat owners and rightly so.

My cat has thrown up several times, and you can’t help but sympathize with your cat. Cats have very sensitive stomachs, and you are likely to find your cat vomiting if something unusual gets to the stomach.

If you cat is vomiting, don’t worry. It is common for felines to throw up once in a while, but you should monitor them to make sure its nothing serious. If the cat has diarrhea or fever, you should see your vet immediately.

The following are common causes of cat vomiting:

1Frequent Change of Diet

As a rule, you should observe proper cat feeding and the type of food that your feline is eating. If you change the diet too frequently, the cat’s stomach will not be ready for it, and vomiting is inevitable.

If you plan to introduce a new diet to your cat, make it gradual and not too frequent. You can mix the new food with the old food for 3-5 days to allow the stomach to adjust.




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