cat sleeping

The question of cat sleeping hours attracts huge attention from cat owners, with some people terming the long cat sleeping hours as abnormal. Cats love sleeping, and they can sleep twice as much as humans do. The duration of a cat’s sleep depends on their size, age, and temperament. Usually, the average length of cat sleeping hours is about thirteen till sixteen hours per day. They also spend times about 2/3 of their days for snoozing.

Well, the cat’s tendency to sleep too much still becomes the mystery. There are different reasons why cats sleep for longer hours that some people term as “abnormal”. Let’s find out the cause of the “strange” sleeping behavior in cats:


1Why Cat Needs Much Time to Sleep

Cats need much time to rest because of their natural habits. Cats are crepuscular animals, and they are more active during twilight, just like ocelots and fireflies. Felines tend to be more active at dusk and dawn, and they use this time to hunt their prey. However, most cat owners expect that their cats prefer to sleep during the day. They think cats use nights for hunting rats. In fact, cats wake up early in the morning to hunt their targets. Then, they will use the night as their best time for sleeping.

The crepuscular habit of cat comes naturally from their hunting habit. As we know cats are predatory animals that love hunting small animals like rats and birds. Besides that, cat’s preys are more active in the morning. After that, they will disappear when the sun goes down in the evening. Well, if cats are not hunting their prey, they will take a nap in plenty. So, besides sleeping, cats also take a nap.




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