How to stop cat scratching

Cats are lovely creatures that will bring joy to your family, and keep your kids active. However, cats may exhibit certain undesirable behaviors that may make you rethink your decision to add a cat. One of these behaviors is cat scratching. If you are currently facing such a problem, I can imagine how your nerves are worked up.

No matter what you do to the cat, nothing seems to help. Rather, any steps you take to make the cat stop the problem seems to escalate the scratching. Cat scratching is a natural behavior that cats exhibit when growing up. You should understand why the cat acts that way and find a way to solve it.


1Reasons for Cat Scratching

Territory marking

Cats have funny ways of marking their territory, either by spraying urine or scratching carpets or furniture. By scratching your furniture, they make visible markings that they recognize every day. Just the same way human beings create fences around their homes.


Cats may scratch your furniture as a way to feel good and release their emotions. They will do it again and again even if you try to stop them from destroying your sofa further.


Scratching allows your cat to work out and stretch their front quarter muscles. Unless you give them something else to scratch, they will continue “gym-ing” with your sofa.




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