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6 Best Invisible fence for cats (for Indoor & Outdoor pets) 2018

Cats have an innate curiosity, hunting instincts and are adventurous pets who like exploring new sights, scents, and sounds. The thought of losing your feline friend whenever she gets on her exploration mission is a nightmare for any cat parent. Even for the fur babies who are strictly kept indoors, there is no guarantee that she […]

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5 Best Carpet Cleaning Machine for Pet Urine 2018

Having a pet in the house is a good thing. Because you not only keep boredom at bay, but you also keep the kids entertained and active. However, having the pet around also means that you will need to keep the house neat and clean. The cleanliness starts with the carpet, which is the face of the […]

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5 Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine- Top Picks

If you have a pet at your home, urine and poop stains on your valuable carpet are simply inevitable. And this is regardless of the toilet training your pet has. Even the best house-trained pets will at one time or another leave a mess on your carpet. Rather than getting mad at your four-legged babies, […]

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New Kitten Checklist: Essential Cat Supplies For First-Time Owners

“Congratulations on bringing home the most loyal and lifelong friend!” Being a first-time cat owner involves a lot of uncertainties, often wondering how you will manage to raise the little baby you’ve brought home. Thousands of questions linger in your mind, like what will she eat? Where will she sleep? Will she love me? What cat supplies […]

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  • Updated December 5, 2018
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