5 Best Wet Cat Food for Weight loss (2019 Review)

best wet cat food for weight loss

An estimated 48% of domestic cats are overweight. While the statistics may sound alarming, it is never too late to find a solution for your cat.

The most common causes of weight gain in cats is overfeeding and inadequate physical exercises for cats. Therefore, it helps to choose the best wet cat food for weight loss to help in weight management and cut down on fats. 

The immediate step that you can take to help your overweight cat is to make your home friendlier to cat’s natural behavior. This may mean trying climbing trees and posts. This increases the cat’s activity levels and reduces stress-levels.

A stress-free cat is more active and happy. Replacing treat-time with play-time prevents boredom and also helps your cat lose or maintain the ideal body weight.

On a dietary point of view, a meal rich in proteins and low on fats is the best way to lose weight. Below are the best-wet cat foods which can help you achieve that goal.




AvoDerm Natural Canned Cat Food

Pro Plan Focus Indoor Care Canned Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet Adult Canned Cat Food

Best Wet Cat Food for Weight loss​ Reviews

1. AvoDerm Natural Canned Cat Food

AvoDerm’s first ingredients is tuna and tuna broth. It provides plenty of proteins for your little carnivore.

It also has California-grown avocados, so this meal has plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and omegas for glowing skin and coat for an overall well- being.

Using real broth as one of the cores ingredients provides the much-needed hydration which helps to support urinary health.

It is suitable for cats with sensitivities because it free of grains.

With a caloric content of 3oz Can: 824 kcal/kg; 70kcal/can and 5.5 oz Can: 824 kcal/g; 118kcal/can, this cat food is sufficient for weight loss.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein 10% minumum
  • Crude fat 2% minimum
  • ​Crude fiber 1% maximum
  • Moisture 82%
  • ​Taurine 0.22% minimum.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids 0.45% minimum.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids 0.03% minimum.

2. Pro Plan Focus Indoor Care Canned Cat Food

best wet cat food for weight loss

Indoor cats spend long hours sleeping. This lifestyle accompanied by less physical activity leads to weight gain, and if not addressed early enough, it can lead to obesity and other weight-related complications.

This diet is a high protein, low-fat formula which helps indoor cats maintain ideal body weight. The high fiber quantity helps reduce the occurrence of hairballs.

This diet is specially formulated for adult indoor cats. Its main ingredient is real salmon.

It is a 100% complete and balanced diet meal containing powerful antioxidants to support your cat’s immune system.

Omega- 6 fatty acids are added to maintain a healthy, shiny, fluffy coat and skin.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives, color, or flavors.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein 12% minimum.
  • Crude fat 2% minimum.
  • ​Crude fiber 0.9% maximum.
  • ​Moisture 78% maximum.
  • ​Taurine 0.05% minimum.

Feed your cat with one can per 3lbs of body weight divided into 2 or more meals every day.

For storage, keep the food in a cool and dry place and make sure you refrigerate the used portion.

A 7-10 days transition period is recommended to avoid dietary upsets.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Liver and Chicken Entrée Minced Cat Food

Best cat food for weight management

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Liver and Chicken Entrée Minced Cat Food is a nourishing balanced diet which helps your cat get all the nutrients s/he needs, help maintain healthy body weight and control hunger between meals.

This wet cat food for weight loss is prepared with pork, liver, chicken liver flavor, chicken, and fiber.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein 8.0% Minimum
  • Fat 3.0% Minimum
  • ​Crude fiber 3.0% Maximum
  • Moisture 77.0% Maximum
  • Taurine 0.08% Minimum

We recommend this diet for adult cats between 1-6 years that require fewer calories like less active, neutered or cats prone to obesity.

Make sure you cover and refrigerate the unused portion of the food. Ensure that your cat drinks a lot of water at all times. 

You should not feed this formula to pregnant, nursing cats and kittens.

4. Pro Plan Focus Healthy Metabolism Formula

Pro plan wet cat food for weight loss

Made with high protein content from real chicken, meat by-products, and liver, Pro Plan Focus helps your cat meet the required nutritional needs.

L-Carnitine is added to the recipe to help convert fat to energy efficiently. The energy produced will help keep your cat active. It also provides the optimal balance of protein and fat to help support and ideal body composition.

Omega- 6 fatty acids help to maintain a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin.

It is made in U.S.A and does not contain any added artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives

It produces 978 kcal/kg, 83 kcal/can of calories.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Crude protein 11% minimum.
  • Crude protein 2% minimum.
  • ​Crude fiber 1.5% maximum.
  • ​Moisture 80% maximum.

Feeding instructions

For weight maintenance, give 1can per 2 1/2 lbs of body weight every day.

For overweight cats, feed one can per 3lbs of body weight daily. Divide the meal into two or more meals. Keep adjusting the amounts as needed to maintain or achieve the ideal cat weight. Make sure you refrigerate the unused portion.

5. Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Weight Management Canned Cat Food

Best cat food for weightloss

The food is a high protein, low-calorie cat formula which helps your cat achieve an ideal body weight while providing all the essential nutrients for the cat’s well-being. It is prepared using real turkey as the first ingredient.

It is full of powerful antioxidants to foster a healthy immune system. It is also ideal for overweight cats.

It is made in U.S.A and does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

It has the recommended amounts of taurine to help in eyesight and heart health.

Conduct a gradual transition of 7-10 days when switching to pro plan to protect your cat from dietary upsets.

Feed 1 can per 3lbs of the body divided into two or more meals daily.

Refrigerate the unused portion and store the rest in a cool, dry place.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein 12% minimum.
  • Crude fat 2% minimum.
  • ​Crude fiber 1.5% maximum.
  • ​Moisture 78% maximum.
  • ​Taurine 0.05% minimum.


Overweight cats are at risk of developing chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, cardiac problems and diabetes so maintaining a healthy weight for your cat ensures they lead a fulfilling, healthy life. Giving your cat wet and canned cat foods keeps the cat feeling full on fewer calories due to the high moisture content.

Make sure you visit or communicate with your veterinarian regularly to check the progress your cat is having with weight loss. A strict commitment to your cat’s diet is significant in attaining the desired body weight.


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  • Confused as to whether to give my 16lbs. cats half or whole can of 3oz canned or half or whole can of 5-6oz. cans for weight loss. They get fussy & act hungry since giving them 1/2can of 3oz. can twice a day.Am I wrong?

    • Hi Ruth, you should consider your cat’s breed, activity levels, spayed or not, body condition, age, etc. to determine the right amount of food to give them. Use this cat food calculator to get an estimate of how much to give your cats: https://www.petnutritionalliance.org/cat.php if your cats are overweight, talk to your vet to see if your cat needs a change of diet.