Cats are extremely clean animals, and this is one of the major reasons why most people prefer petting cats over other animals.

However, one of the troubles that cat owners go through is in disposing of the cat wastes. Although cat training is an option, it may be hectic doing it over and over again. Disposing of the litter in landfills is already a big challenge in most cities.

Enter the solution. Flushable cat litter. A flushable cat litter is the safest bet to cat litter disposal since it is biodegradable and also easier to dispose. Here the TOP 5 BEST FLUSHABLE CAT LITTERS that will solve the litter disposal headache:

1. World’s Best Cat Litter- Editor’s Choice

Last update on 2018-03-04

The World’s Best Cat Litter is our top pick for the best flushable cat litter. It is made of whole-kernel corn that helps absorb urine and clump up cat litter quickly without the need to use chemicals. The all-natural material absorbs the odor, especially Ammonia from urine, that may get stuck in the litter box.

The clamping formula allows it to trap any dirt and dust that may get into the house. This may be unsafe, especially if you have small children around. This cat litter is safe for septic tanks.


  • Made with wood fibers that control odor.
  • Quick clumping.
  • Safe to use with a septic tank.
  • No chemicals used.


  • Some users say that the scent is little strong.

2. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter- Best Selling Flushable Cat Litter

Last update on 2018-03-04

The all-natural Precious Cat litter premium is one of the best selling flushable cat litters in the market. It is 99.9% dust free and uses dense granules to minimize tracking. Also, it clumps quickly, thereby absorbing any moisture in the litter before it gets to the bottom.

Precious cat litter premium has a high odor control that makes it ideal if you have several cats that make the house smell.


  • Best-seller.
  • Perfect if you have several cats.
  • 99.9% dust free.


  • It is pricey than other brands.

3. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat litter-Best Choice for Multiple Cats

Last update on 2018-03-04

sWheat Scoop multi-cat litter utilizes wheat formula to control the odor emanating from cat fecal matter and urine. It clamps quickly, and this helps control any dust particles that may get into the house and cause health issues like allergies. The litter is soft and perfect for kittens learning their way around the litter box.

Wheat is a biodegradable material that can be flushed or used as compost manure in your garden. This makes this cat litter environmentally friendly. sWheat Scoop Flushable Cat litter does not contain any chemicals that may harm your felines.


  • Biodegradable and renewable material
  • No harmful chemicals or fragrances.


  • Expensive than other brands.

4. Better Way Flushable Litter

Last update on 2018-03-04

Better way flushable litter is made with 100% natural zeolite that helps in odor control and flushable clumps. The superior odor control feature makes this cat litter popular among cat owners. Another extra is the Sanel, a natural cat attractant, that helps train kittens to use the litter box.

Better way flushable cat litter is NOT recommended for homes with septic tanks.


  • Superb odor control
  • Does not clog the toilet even if you do not have a septic tank.
  • Perfect for training kittens to use the litter box
  • Package bag has a strong handle for easy handling.


  • Packaging not resealable.

5. Garfield Cat Litter All-Natural

Last update on 2018-03-04

The Garfield flushable cat litter is made from plant-based natural ingredients making is biodegradable and can easily be flushed down the toilet. The clumps should be soaked and let to dissolve before flushing them. The clumping litter does not contain chemicals or artificial additives and therefore safe for pets. It is best for urine odor control.


  • All natural plant-based ingredients that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Excellent urine absorption.
  • Unscented.


  • The litter must soak and dissolve before flushing it.

Best Flushable Cat Litter Buyer’s Guide

Why Flushable Cat Litter?

According to a report by Stanford University, billions of cat litter is dumped in landfills annually, and this leads to contamination of water sources. In fact, the amount of cat litter dumped in landfills is 15 times more than the number of human diapers. Such cat litters tend to swell and stick when soiled and are harmful to the environment.

The use of flushable cat litter is a well-thought-out alternative that gives you a piece of mind and lets you dispose of cat litter without harming the environment. Once the litter is drained in the toilet, it is treated like human waste to make it safe for the environment.

The treatment removes harmful components that may be present in the litter, making the waste biodegradable. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recommend flushing cat litter as opposed to dumping it in landfills.

Flushable cat litter is made of natural materials such as kernel corn and wheat that are biodegradable. Also, use of these materials helps in absorbing the wastes and reducing odors, that may be caused by ammonia in the cat urine.

Why You are Setting up the Litter Box the Wrong Way (Video)

When you Should NOT Use Flushable Cat Litter

Although using the best flushable cat litter is recommended, there are instances where cat owners are advised not to use flushable cat litter. Such situations include:

Living in Coastal Homes

In a situation where you live along the coast line, and your drainage system is connected to the sewer, you should avoid flushing the cat litter down the toilet. In most cases, the waste will end up in the sea, and this will harm the marine life and even lead to the death of sea animals like fish and sea turtles.

Faulty Plumbing System

If your home plumbing system is defective, you should stop flushing cat litter down the toilet. Instead, you should scoop the clumps in the litter and find alternative disposal methods. Flushing the litter in the toilet may end up blocking the plumbing system, and this will lead a foul smell within the house.

State/Federal Government Regulations

Some countries have laws prohibiting the disposal of cat litter in the toilet. For example, in some States in the United States, people are required to throw the cat litter itself since flushing them down the toilet could clog the drainage, and this might lead to drastic consequences in the future.

Choosing the Best Flushable Cat Litter

If you are a recent cat owner or an experienced cat owner looking to buy a new type of cat litter, there are some factors that you should take into account. Here are some of the things that you should consider when looking to buy the best flushable cat litter:

Type of material

The various types of flushable cat litter are made of different materials, each having its advantages and disadvantages. For example, natural materials like wheat and kernel corn are generally good but may have a few problems with odor control and clumping.

On the other hand, cat litters made of clay have excellent odor control and clumping but can be a little dusty. The dust may have health issues like allergy when it gets around the house. In some cases, some cat litter manufacturers combine several types of materials to bring the benefits of each ingredient.

How Messy is it?

Some cat litters are less messy than others, depending on the materials used. In determining how messy a litter is, we consider water retention, dust levels, and tracking.

  • Water retention capability– A good flushable cat litter should be able to retain urine and feces and keep the litter dry. It should absorb moisture before it gets to the bottom of the litter box.
  • Dust levels– A good flushable cat litter should have proper dust control mechanisms to avoid exposing the cat and people living around to health issues. The dust from cat litter can lead to harmful allergens.
  • Tracking– Tracking is when the cat carries the litter granules out of the litter box on its paws. For a litter that tracks often, you will be required to clean the house regularly. A good flushable cat litter should track as little as possible at all times.


Clumping is when the cat litter forms around the cat droppings, making it possible to scoop out the area where the cat excreted. When buying a flushable cat litter, you should check to confirm if the litter is a clumping or non-clumping cat litter. Although some cat owners prefer clumping cat litter, there are others who prefer non-clumping litter.

If you are not sure which one to choose, the clumping cat litter is more convenient since you can scoop out a particular area where the cat dropped its poop. This will be more economical in the long run since you will not need to dispose of the entire litter. Additionally, clumping helps in minimizing the odor from the urine and poop.

Size of granules

Cat litter granules come in different sizes, and it is important to find the right balance that your cat will love. Finer granules will be softer to the cat toes, especially if you just de-clawed your cat or you have kittens around.

However, the problem with fine granules is that they track easily and you will need to do frequent cleaning. You should go with fine-textured granules that track as little as possible.


From the Top 5 Flushable Cat litter Reviews and the considerations that you should make when choosing a flushable cat litter, you should be in a position to choose a litter that your cat will love. In some cases, cats can be very picky, and you are likely to test several cat litter brands before you find one that the cat is comfortable with.




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