Cat exercises

Cat Exercises help cats to sustain their health and natural instinct. Two out of every three cats have overweight problems, and this leads to other serious health concerns. Just like humans, your cat needs physical exercises to keep the body organs active. Dog owners obviously have many exercise options. What do we have for cats? Here are recommended activities to help your cat remain healthy.

1Hunting Games Cat Exercises

Your cat is naturally a hunter, and this is the natural side you must use. Your cat will like to chase on something and crawl or jump with the object.

You can use several effective objects like the mice toy, a string-like ribbon or yarn that moves when you jerk or twitch, bird replicas with feathers, and light spot. Your cat will naturally enjoy the game, and he will willingly spend minutes on it.



  1. My cat was a little lazy at first but after buying her a cat tree, she is now very active and healthy. I am planning to get her interactive toys but I am yet to figure out where to get them. I think as a cat owner, you should maker sure that the cat engages in different exercises everyday to avoid obesity and other common health complications among cats.


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