Top 5 Cat Exercises Your Pet Will Enjoy

Cat exercises

Cat Exercises help cats to sustain their health and natural instinct. Two out of every three cats have overweight problems, and this leads to other serious health concerns. Just like humans, your cat needs physical exercises to keep the body organs active. Dog owners obviously have many exercise options. What do we have for cats? Here are recommended activities to help your cat remain healthy.

Hunting Games Cat Exercises

Cat exercisesYour cat is naturally a hunter, and this is the natural side you must use. Your cat will like to chase on something and crawl or jump with the object.

You can use several effective objects like the mice toy, a string-like ribbon or yarn that moves when you jerk or twitch, bird replicas with feathers, and light spot. Your cat will naturally enjoy the game, and he will willingly spend minutes on it.


Best cat exercisesThis game is so much fun as well. You also don’t need many things for this. Instead of leaving your cat doing nothing, you should stack a few boxes and papers and let your cat play with it.

Likely, your cat will climb the boxes and try to investigate more about it. They are curious creatures who like to do things like this. Your cat is also likely to crawl on the papers.

Climbing and Scratching

Manage cat scratching using scratching postsAll cats love this game. You should consider buying a cat tree. This is not only a post that provides a place for your cat to have some exercise by climbing it but also gives a surface for him to scratch. You will no longer have a problem with the cat scratching on your furniture or carpet. Cat tree serves you best with the height you can overcome when your cat does not have the energy to jump.

Running on a Wheel

cat playingThis is a popular exercise for hamsters and you cat will likely like this type of activity. However, it might take a little longer for you to train your cat to use the wheel.

Your cat will have an easy time familiarizing with this exercise if he likes running after objects and light spots. It is an unpopular exercise for cats, but your cat will love it after a few training sessions.

Bonding Game

cat bonding gamesBonding is the best cat exercise for a cat owner and there are various ways you can bond. Spend 5-10 minutes several times a day to play games with your cat. It does not have to be a sophisticated play. You can crawl with him, play tickles or anything you like with your cat.

The exercise does not only provide enough exercise for your cat but also develops the strength of your bonding with him.


Now, you have quite a list to try. It is necessary to do a 10-15 minutes exercise for your cat several times in a day. It keeps their body healthy and active. Considering the benefits, you have no reason not to give your cat appropriate amount of it. Set a goal for better health and try one cat exercise at a time.

FAQ’s About Cat Exercises

How long should I play with my cat?

Cat exercises need consistency, and you should set aside a few minutes everyday to play with him. You can set aside a ½ hour of playtime each day, with 10-minutes play sessions and a brief break in between.

How do I get my lazy cat to play?

Getting a lazy cat to play can be cumbersome sometimes, but if you find a game that the cat likes, stick to it. You should find the right toys that the cat will like, for example, battery-operated toys. Also, you should set aside more play time. Use treats to reward the cat’s healthy behavior.

How do I get my cat to lose weight?

The first step to help your cat lose weight is to control calories and fat that you are feeding him. Feed him with highly digestible meat-based foods and increase the proposition of canned and raw foods in his diet. You can also buy dry foods specially formulated for cat weight loss. Increase the amount of playtime and reduce the number of treats, since some of these contribute to weight gain.

How do I get my cat in shape?

Inspire your cat to play by leaving cardboard boxes, tissue papers, and paper bags. You can provide cat toys, balls, sticks with feathers that prompt the cat into play. Scratching posts and cat trees also encourage the cat to be active, and the cat will get back to shape gradually.

What do cats like to play with?

Cats love to play with toys with different textures, and that mimic their natural prey. For example, you can get toys in the shape of a mice or small birds, and they will inspire the cat into play. Increase your cat’s interest in toys by rubbing the toys in catnip.



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  • My cat was a little lazy at first but after buying her a cat tree, she is now very active and healthy. I am planning to get her interactive toys but I am yet to figure out where to get them. I think as a cat owner, you should maker sure that the cat engages in different exercises everyday to avoid obesity and other common health complications among cats.