The 10 Most Popular, Cutest and Calmest Cat Breeds 2018

Popular Best Cat Breeds

Adding a special kitty to your family is always a great time for everyone, especially the kids. Cats are not only friendly but also beautiful mini-humans that will show you unending love and affection. Some breeds require daily grooming while others require minimal care. Whether you are looking for the meanest cat breeds or cutest cat breeds, you can choose from a variety of cat breeds.

Here are the most popular cat breeds that you can consider:

1. Persian
Persian Cat Breed

Persians are the calmest cat breeds, and they have a wide range of colors and cute facial features. They are longhaired and require daily grooming and frequent bathing.

They are low energy and the need to be shown lots of love and affection. Persians are a perfect addition to a home with children.

Also, they are sweet and loving creatures, and they tend to choose one person in the family as their favorite but will still show love to other family members.


2. Himalayan

Himalayan Cat breedHimalayan is a cross breed of Persian and Siamese cat breeds.

These cat breeds feature the Persian’s longhaired coat and the Siamese cat markings.

They are playful, calm and well-behaved cats. Himalayans make an excellent choice for a family with small kids and other pets.

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3. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cat breedThe exotic shorthair does not require a lot of grooming since they are shorthaired.

They are very affectionate and gentle creatures, and you will be excited to see them around you.

You should provide them with a climbing tree to keep them active since they like showing off their athletic side.


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4. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair has a shorthaired coat and does not require intensive grooming.

They are playful, but they still spend a lot of time cuddling.

The British Shorthair is generally smart and good with children and other pets.



5. Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat BreedIs there someone who is wary of cats? Maybe you should add this special cat to the family.

They are bred to be affectionate and people-oriented. Ragdoll cats have a medium length coat without an undercoat making them low maintenance compared to the longhaired breeds.

They are easy to live with, intelligent and comfortably fit in the family. You should keep them indoors since they are not suited for outdoors.

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6. Somali

Looking at a Somali breed for the first time may give you the wrong impression- it looks like a fox in its movements and color.

The Somali breed loves attention and will like to spend most of the time curled up in your lap or cuddled in your arms.

They are playful, quiet natured and affectionate and enjoy showing off love to their owners.

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7. Abyssinian

Abyssinian_cat_breedAbyssinian is one of the best-looking cats and is often referred to as the supermodel of cats due to their sleek bodies.

They are outgoing, friendly, intelligent and accepting of the people they meet.

Abys are loyal to their owners and will want to help with whatever task that you are doing. They will lavish you with affection.

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8. Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat BreedThe Russian blue is one of the cutest cat breeds due to the beautiful but distinct appearance.

They have dense, thick and short coats that come in a blue color, hence the name.

Also, the Russian blue has bright green eyes that makes them unique.

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9. Cornix Rex

Cornix Rex Cat BreedThe Cornix Rex cat breed has an egg-shaped head, erect ears, and large green-yellow eyes.

They have a soft, fine and short coat that grows in waves.

Cornix Rex is affectionate, playful and retains its kitten-like antics even in its adult life.

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10. American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has dog-like personalities and is devoted to their owners.

They are well-behaved and have been used as therapy cats in treatment programs. They have a dense coat and a naturally occurring bobbed tail.

American Bobtail is sensitive to people in distress and can make an excellent companion to ailing or aged persons.

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