About Thecatsite.net

Thecatsite.net is a leading pet blog that publishes research publications, reviews, product comparisons, cat names suggestion, cat breed information and other valuable information that makes cat parenting an easier task.

All the contents we publish are thoroughly researched, reviewed and tested to make sure you get only the best information that will help you make an educated decision on what is best for your cat.

Thecatsite.net Publishing Process

Thecatsite.net has a small team of in-house writers who are cat owners as well. The team conducts research on various products and services to ensure that you get the best information, guides, and tips.

Most of our writers are cat parents, and this allows us to find and test various products ourselves before recommending them. This way, we do away with all the crappy items and remains with products that are safe, valuable and that give you value for your money.

Also, some of the information we publish is based on our personal experiences with our cats such as traveling with cats, home remedies for hairballs, the right carriers for airport travel, etc.

We not only publish our positive experiences but also the horrible experiences that we encounter. If we don’t get satisfied with a product, we tell it as it is to prevent fellow cat parents from falling victims to a sub-standard product that put the cat on harm’s way.

Apart from documenting our experiences, we score the internet for information on what other cat owners think about certain products. We pick the good and the bad, and this helps us compile a customer-centered review that answers every question they have about a specific product or brand.

Thecatsite.net Objectives

Thecatsite.net aims to be the best resource for both experienced and first-time cat parents. Just like a human baby, cats are delicate little furbabies that require attention and love from their parents. And this means that they have to trust you if you have to live in harmony without constant purrs and fights. And that is where we come in.

We score hundreds of products and narrow down to just five to ten products that offer the best value for your money. Be it cat food, kitten foods, wireless fences, litter box, etc. This narrows down your choices to only the best few that fit your cat’s needs.

We also provide a comparison chart that compares what each product has to offer either based on ingredients, budget, features, number of uses, ratings, etc. This way, you can choose the best item (s) that you love and that your cat will be dying to have.

Why You Should Trust Us

The pet space is dominated by many companies, and this makes it easy for them to compromise the quality of their products. This means they can package a product as the ultimate best, but still not offer the most basic of the needs your cat needs.

We serve as the voice of the cat owner because we are cat owners as well. We prevent the bad, and praise the good. Before recommending a product to you, we look at the following factors:

  • Our personal experiences with the product
  • Value for your money
  • Pros and cons of each product
  • What other cat owners are saying about the product
  • Thorough explanation of each product and how it compares to the other item.
  • History of recalls (for cat and kitten foods)
  • Features, plans and options for each product
  • Ease of use
  • Number of customers who have reviewed the product (both positive and negative)
  • Ratio of positive reviews to negative reviews
  • Level of customer service and their willingness to solve customer complaints about the product

How we make money

Thecatsite.net website was started with the sole reason of providing information, guides and recommendations for cat owners.

Through the content we publish, we sometimes earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) on some of the products we recommend. We provide you with a link or coupon to the product, and this helps us to maintain this website and pay our in-house writers.

Our team spends countless hours researching, testing and comparing various products before recommending them to you. The products we review are 100% self-sourced, and we handpick the items we recommend to you.

We are NOT paid to recommend products by manufacturers or retailers and this allows us to maintain the integrity of our website and the quality of the products you buy through us. Buying products through our links help us in maintaining our website and publishing a host of other reviews, buyer guides, and informational content.

We also review our lists periodically to provide you with new information about a product and remove certain products if you (or we) are no longer happy with them. In this regard, if you are not satisfied with either of the products we recommend, or you would like to ask any question about our website, you can contact us here.